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Take the guesswork out of keeping safe during the pandemic.
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See case data in beautiful detail. Sort by city, authority or province.
Make informed social decisions based on local real-time data.
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Governments have started to become slow and inconsistent in providing Covid related data. Which is often presented in complicated ways.

‍Whether you wear a mask or not, the fact remains we need accurate data points to make informed decisions.
We’re in 2022. We should be able to visualize and access our community's data without having to be reliant on the whims of government.
Bite-sized healing tips, optimized for brain fog.
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For anyone who's had Covid, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best thing to do. Government websites can be hard to navigate and a Google search might make you feel worst.
If you're positive you need a calm space where you can get the most effective health & wellness information. Which is simple and low-effort to access. So you can focus on healing.
Help prevent Covid variants & mutations
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Some governments have switched to only providing data on Covid hospitalizations and deaths. But reliable case counts are essential in preventing future variants and keeping you and your family safe.
No one restrictions that can be avoided, by helping scientists see symptoms of Covid in real-time and we can stay 10 steps ahead of any new variant that mutates.
The only verified rapid test case count database.
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Rapid tests now make up 80% of positive cases but governments aren’t counting them! Our data is a mix of government data and self-reported data on the app.

We use A.I. to verify all tests so they are accurate. With advanced pattern matching to weed out any counterfeit tests.
100% anonymous.
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We believe privacy is essential in our ever evolving technological world. That's why our service is 100% anonymous. We ensure all tests are verified using A.I. and GPS data.
Contribute to the people's first data movement.
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It’s our communities data, not our elected official's. Yet in many countries, governments have moved to weekly reporting and scientists have had to resort to low-resolution methods such as testing wastewater to get an idea of case counts in a city.
We believe citizens should be informed and CovidVision is a tool so we can share our data anonymously with one another for the good of the community.
Save lives. Empower your community.
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By reporting your data you not only allow the community to make smarter decisions for play but empower immunocompromised people to make smarter decisions that could save their lives.
Apply for at-home Covid treatments in-app
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In Canada, a very low percentage of people have been able to get access to at-home treatments they need such as Paxlovid. This is usually because the process is cumbersome and hard to access.

CovidVision allows you to apply for at home treatments extremely easily.